How to Tell If Someone Has a Keystroke Logger on Your Computer?

Answer Keystroke loggers can keep a record of every key you press on your computer keyboard. For this reason, a keystroke logger can compromise any sensitive information that you type on your computer. So... Read More »

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Can keystroke logger software be blocked by Norton firewalls?

Firewall settings within the antivirus program Norton 360 will block keystroke loggers that attempt to steal your passwords. Norton can also block hackers, phishing scams and run authentication sof... Read More »

How Can a Key Logger Hack From an Outside Computer?

Key loggers are programs, and sometimes well camouflaged devices, that monitor your every keystroke. If you have one of these on your hard drive or connected to your computer, the hacker may be abl... Read More »

How can you tell if there is a keystroke spy program infecting your computer?

Keylogger is considered as a virus and should be detected in most anti virus application

What is a key logger?

This software is installed on your computer and records your keystrokes. The best way to avoid these are to never download anything you don't trust, don't download EXE files and don't accept myster... Read More »