How to Tell If Rhinestones Are Real?

Answer A rhinestone is a crystal or natural-glass stone often found in jewelry. Due to the stone's beauty and demand for it, fakes have been made to look like the real thing. The problem with fakes that l... Read More »

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How to Rim Set Rhinestones?

Rim set rhinestones are one way to provide dazzle on clothes and accessories such as country western costumes, dance and skating costumes and equestrian tack. A rim set does provide a secure settin... Read More »

How to Remove Rhinestones?

Rhinestones can be affixed to clothes or temporarily glued onto your skin and nails for an added sparkle to your current wardrobe. Whether you want to re-accessorize your clothing or it's the end o... Read More »

Can you put rhinestones on a magnet?

You can glue a rhinestone to a magnet with no ill effects. A hot glue gun will work best. Rhinestones won't stick to a magnet without glue because rhinestone is not ferromagnetic like an iron, so i... Read More »

How to Edge With Rhinestones?

Edging a garment with rhinestones involves attaching the stones to the clothes directly to enhance the look of the pieces. Rhinestones add sparkle to clothing and can upgrade a casual outfit, makin... Read More »