How to Tell If My Sway Bar Kit Is Broken?

Answer Sway bars help a car or truck handle better by keeping the wheels turning at the same degree and by also increasing the body stiffness of the vehicle. The sway bar connects the suspension arms on t... Read More »

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Signs of a Broken Rear Sway Bar?

Sway bars are metal struts that connect opposite wheels to increase stiffness. As a vehicle goes into a corner, its tendency is to roll around due to inertia. Sway bars keep the vehicle's body from... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of a Broken Anti-Sway Bar?

A sway bar acts like a torsional spring that joins the right wheel to the left wheel on either the front or rear of the vehicle. If both wheels move vertically up and down at the same time, the swa... Read More »

How can I tell if my rib is broken ?

Get X-ray. Or wait till it pokes your lung and you start throwing up blood.

How can I tell if my big toe is broken?

Rule of thumb on a broken toe is easy...If you can walk it isn't broken...Can you walk at all? You stated No...Then go to a Dr. its most likely broken