How to Tell If My Notebook Supports WPA2?

Answer WPA2 is a specific type of wireless network encryption that protects the information you send and receive over a home wireless network. If your notebook computer supports the WPA2 encryption, verif... Read More »

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Can someone help me with WPA2?

useWPA2for best security. WEP easy to crack .set your mums ipad open wi-fi forget networkclick OTHER buttonput in name of router click security click itPICK WAP2 from the pull downthen hit back bu... Read More »

How to Find My Computer's WPA2 Key?

When you purchase a new computer or portable device, one of the first things you are likely to want to do is connect it to your wireless router and get online. If your router has security features ... Read More »

How to Find WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK Keys?

There are different methods of security for wireless networks each using a security key that varies in complexity and length. For instance, the WPA2 is considered more secure than WPA, but both are... Read More »

Will the wep modem work with a wpa2 wireless?

WEP modems will not work with WPA2 wireless routers or adapters because they use different encryption technology. Wireless Equivalent Privacy (WEP) modems use outdated wi-fi protection. The latest ... Read More »