How to Tell If My Laptop Has a Wireless-N?

Answer Wireless-N or 802.11n is a wireless networking standard that uses new technologies to increase wireless data transfer speeds and range between supporting devices. Modern routers clearly indicate th... Read More »

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I can use my neighbours wireless broadband on my laptop-can they tell i amm using their connection?

the 1st answer needs to be sorted out a bit;if your neighbours are careless enough to leave their WL router / broadband moden accessible to everyone, they are unlikely to check the log; even so, if... Read More »

I have a HP Pavilion series laptop. Tell me 2 good and econ. wireless prinnters?

Hello, HP support Forum this site will help with your problem or problems, and information that you may need... Click on printers and see a lot more than two... Read More »

Does a laptop wireless card work the same with a wireless router?

A wireless network connection works the same with a desktop as it does with a laptop wireless card. Wireless cards are built-in or pushed into a slot on the laptop. The signal goes through the air ... Read More »

Do you still need a wireless hub connector for a Compaq laptop that has a built-in wireless 801.11?

On One Hand: Ad-Hoc and Direct ConnectionsIf you want to connect to another nearby computer that also has a wireless adapter, you do not need a hub or router. This is called an "Ad-Hoc Network." Wi... Read More »