How to Tell If Lacoste Shirts Are Real?

Answer Lacoste captured the market on sporty polo shirts, and has invested its branding in a tiny crocodile sewn on the top left corner of the shirts. Clothing counterfeiters attempt to take part in some ... Read More »

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Where are real Lacoste shirts made?

Authentic Lacoste shirts are made in Peru, China, France and Morocco. If the tag says that the shirt is made in any other Asian country or in Argentina, it is most likely fake.References:Thai Visa:... Read More »

Where are Lacoste shirts made?

Lacoste shirts are manufactured in France, Peru, China and Morocco. Unfortunately, counterfeit Lacoste items are sold through various online and in-store retailers. If the tag on a Lacoste shirt cl... Read More »

Where are Lacoste shirts manufactured?

Tennis great Rene Lacoste and Andre Giller established La Chemise Lacoste in 1933 in France. Currently, Lacoste shirts are manufactured in either France, Peru or Morocco. Vintage Lacoste are more l... Read More »

Do organic shirts last longer than conventional cotton shirts?

Shirts made with conventional cotton contain harmful chemicals, bleaches, formaldehyde and dioxins, which can greatly affect the durability of the shirt. Shirts made with organic cotton have a high... Read More »