How to Tell If Gold Is Pure Using Water Displacement?

Answer It may look like gold, but appearances can be deceiving. Fortunately, simple analysis performed in your kitchen can begin to reveal the truth. Elements have natural signatures that allow you to ide... Read More »

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In what year did they stop making the Olympic gold medals out of pure gold?

According to, the final medals made entirely of gold were presented in 1912. Gold medals of today are 92.5 percent silver with an accompaniment of gold plating. Medals from the 2010 W... Read More »

Herbal Tinctures - I've been making mine using herbs and pure vodka as a base but can you add water?

yes it works. Personally I think you should make them as needed, half the thing with holistic medicine is the freshness.

How does pure water from the west coast compare to pure water from the east coast?

How to Calculate Density by Water Displacement?

Density, the measure of the relationship between the volume and the mass of a substance, is defined by mass divided by volume. For example, water has a density of 1 gram per cubic centimeter at 39 ... Read More »