How to Tell Cement From Plaster?

Answer Cement and plaster are 2 totally different products. The similarities are that both are mixed with water and allowed to harden. Both are products that are air dried and can be poured into molds or ... Read More »

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How to Mix Portland Cement Plaster?

Plastering is almost as much an art form as it is a building trade. As such, the exact mix of ingredients in any form of plaster frequently varies from one craftsman to the next. As far as the Amer... Read More »

Is venetian plaster the same thing as imperial plaster?

Venetian plaster is a centuries old plastering recipe incorporating slaked limestone and marble dust combined with water. Imperial plaster is a modern product made in the U.S. by the USG Corporatio... Read More »

The Difference Between Casting Plaster & Plaster of Paris?

Plaster of Paris is the most recognized name for casting plaster, but the two terms are used interchangeably. There are several different types of plaster that can be used for a variety of casting.

What should you do if you have crystals on the surface of your plaster pool and it's like 80 grit sandpaper and the plaster company says they're salt crystals and need to be sanded off?

Get your water tested and in check. You have too many solids in the water. Start brushing your pool daily as you correct the chemical imbalance. This will help loosen and remove the crystals from y... Read More »