How to Teach the Internet to Senior Citizens?

Answer Teaching seniors how to use the Internet can be a rewarding yet challenging task. Though it may require patience, preparation and encouragement, the experience will offer you a chance to bond with ... Read More »

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How can you get senior citizens interested in and trained on the Internet?

Well, that can be difficult. The best way I know of is to find out what they really like and then find some Websites that have good information about it. Sit down at the computer with them and show... Read More »

Is there a list on the internet of restaurants in the US that offer a Senior Citizens Discount?

I am sure there is! You just have to Search! :) NOTE: Of course I have already searched extensively for the information I am looking for - I thought perhaps someone might be able to offer somethi... Read More »

How to Help Senior Citizens?

Learning how to help senior citizens can be a positive and rewarding feeling. Senior citizens often enough have a hard time doing certain tasks. As a young person or adult you can definitely contri... Read More »

How to Keep Senior Citizens Active?

Are you worried that your aging loved one is not active enough? Are you concerned that cognitive decline is approaching for your parents or grandparents?