How to Teach the Five Senses to Preschoolers?

Answer Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch make up the body's five senses. Preschoolers can be taught the five senses using a hands-on method allowing them to experience each one individually. Hands-on... Read More »

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How to Teach the Five Senses in Preschool?

Teaching preschoolers about the senses can be a lot of fun. Many items are very new to them, so they will enjoy testing each of their senses. For example, children can use their sight to learn the ... Read More »

How to Teach Preschoolers to Help?

Though it may not seem like it at times (especially during clean up), preschoolers love to help out in the classroom. Helping gives them a sense of ownership of the room, and it also boosts their s... Read More »

How to Teach Preschoolers to Take Care of Themselves?

Preschool children come to class with many different levels of personal care skills, depending on their family life and what their parents have taught them. They are at an age where they are capabl... Read More »

How to Teach French to Preschoolers?

Being bilingual is a big advantage. Not only does it give you a wider choice of countries to live in, but it also gives you a bigger variety of jobs, as fluency in another language is a skill highl... Read More »