How to Teach the English Spoken Syllabus?

Answer Planning the oral English section of the syllabus shifts the focus from the teacher doing most of the talking to involving the students in speaking. Learning to speak English well is a skill that h... Read More »

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How to Improve English With Spoken Methods of Learning English?

Many people seek to improve their spoken English. Most students recognize that sitting in a classroom and learning a language does not necessarily enable them to speak it with confidence and in a w... Read More »

Spoken English Resources?

Learning English can be difficult for non-native speakers because of the complexity of sounds involved and the variety of idioms. Many English classes emphasize writing, but it is also important to... Read More »

Is English spoken in Brazil?

In Brazil, the primary language for almost all of its citizens is Portuguese. Though this is the most common language, English is spoken in Brazil, though not often. English is the second language ... Read More »

Activities for Spoken English?

Spoken English is often more relaxed and informal than written English. Native English speakers take shortcuts, leave words out, run words together and make up colorful metaphors and similes that a... Read More »