How to Teach the Cognitively Impaired to Read?

Answer Students with cognitive disabilities often have very different learning styles and needs from typically developing children. While many children learn to read naturally through observing adults, pr... Read More »

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Can a child who is in special education who is cognitively impaired go to college?

Many students with learning disabilities and low IQ scores are still able to go to college. Of course, severity of the cognitive imparity will be a major factor. However, most students with pull-ou... Read More »

How to Teach Problem Solving Skills to the Cognitively Disabled?

One of the hallmarks of people with a cognitive disability is their overall inability to adapt to new situations, or problem solve, naturally on their own. Problem-solving skills must be taught in ... Read More »

How to Teach Visual & Hearing-Impaired Students?

Teaching students with sensory impairments, such as blind, deaf, visually or hearing impaired students has specific challenges. Even teachers in mainstream classrooms need to be prepared for those ... Read More »

How to Teach Language Arts to the Visually Impaired?

The term "visually impaired" means that the individual's eyesight is limited. Area Special Education Cooperative states that a person with visual impairment is medically certified as having vision ... Read More »