How to Teach in an At-risk Girls' School?

Answer At-risk girls include those who may have been involved with drug or alcohol abuse, gangs, stealing, runaways who have attempted suicide. Many might be having a hard time dealing with a parent's div... Read More »

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How to Teach Middle School Math to At-Risk Students?

Teaching at-risk students is daunting because of the inherent challenges that face this population. However, getting them interested in learning math may be even more difficult because of the compl... Read More »

How to Motivate at-Risk Middle School Girls to Read?

When helping at-risk middle school girls to read, you want to show them patience and compassion because there may be personal reasons why they're lacking the motivation to read. Maybe they have par... Read More »

How to Teach At-Risk Adolescents to Read & Write?

According to Dr. Marie Carbo, Executive Director at National Reading Styles Institute, many students who give up their high-school education have borderline reading and writing skills. Problems wit... Read More »

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