How to Teach a Visual Spatial Learner?

Answer One of the most difficult aspects of being a teacher is running into children who don't seem to learn anything from your classes. Trying to engage children who are distracted and disruptive or sull... Read More »

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Games for Visual Spatial Thinking?

You've heard of right-brained versus left-brained. There are two other similar categories: visual spatial learners and auditory sequential learners. It's easy to think of auditory sequential games ... Read More »

Visual-Spatial Geography Ideas?

To make geography come alive for a visual-spatial learner, it is sometimes necessary to allow a student to move around, doodle or handle objects. Some simple ways to do this include puzzle maps for... Read More »

Visual Spatial Learning Styles?

Visual-spatial learners are people who learn best through pictures and demonstrations. These learners to not process information through step-by-step instructions, drills or repetition; they like t... Read More »

Visual-Spatial Thinking Activities?

There is not a single thing called "intelligence." Rather, there are several different types of thinking, each of which is, itself, a form of intelligence. Visual-spatial thinking is sometimes call... Read More »