How to Teach a Unit on Circumference & Area of a Circle for Fifth Grade?

Answer Most students in the fifth grade have a solid grasp of how to find the area and perimeter of a quadrilateral and triangle. Learning the steps to find the circumference and area of a circle is built... Read More »

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How to Find the Area of a Circle From Circumference?

The circumference measures the distance around a circle. It equals the diameter of the circle multiplied by pi. Estimated at 3.14, pi is the constant ratio between the diameter and the circumferenc... Read More »

Grade Eight Math Problems for Finding the Area of a Circle?

The area of a circle equals the number of square units inside the circle. The area can be found using geometry if the circle's diameter or radius is known. The diameter is the distance across the c... Read More »

How to Work out the Circumference of a Circle?

This is really easy! just get a calculator and a ruler//tape measure.

How to Determine the Circumference of a Circle?

This article describes several methods for determining the circumference of a circle. Three important related terms are: Circumference (the distance around the outside of the circle), Diameter (the... Read More »