How to Teach a Plot Summary in Middle School?

Answer As an educator in middle school, you'll most likely need to teach your students how to write a plot summary, or book report. Your students might be familiar with writing about books they've read, b... Read More »

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How to Write a Summary in a Middle School?

A summary is a condensed version of a story's or article's main idea. It contains the paper's thesis as well as its key points. Summary writing is an important skill that takes time and practice to... Read More »

How to Write a Summary in Middle School Language Arts?

Being able to successfully summarize an essay is a valuable skill, especially in a middle school language arts class that requires reading dense or difficult writing. Summaries can help present inf... Read More »

How to Write a Plot Summary?

Any form of fiction--novels, scripts, or short stories--can be used to write a plot summary. Authors use plot summaries in an attempt to sell stories to editors, entice possible readers, create boo... Read More »

How to Teach "Cyrano de Bergerac" in Middle School & High School?

"A large nose is the mark of a witty, courteous, affable, generous, and liberal man," said the man on whom the play "Cyrano de Bergerac" is based. Savinien Cyrano de Bergerac lived from 1619 to 165... Read More »