How to Teach a Horse Who Is on the Pecking Order?

Answer Being herd animals, horses have a pecking order that is decided based on personality, age and gender. When introducing a new horse into an established herd, the handler can make the transition easi... Read More »

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Is their a pecking order on trailer parks?

YUP - the biggest meanest drunk in the place usually rules it and ruins it for the rest.

How to Obtain a Pawneer Order on Horse Isle?

Want your "dream horse?" If you play on Horse Isle, a virtual horse site, buy a pawneer order! It lets you get a horse breed, color, and gender of your choice. This article will take you through th... Read More »

How to Teach Your Horse to Lie Down?

Training a horse takes experience, skill and time, as well as a strong, trusting relationship. Lying down is something horses do on impulse, when they feel safe and comfortable, so is not an easy t... Read More »

How to Teach a Horse to Bow?

After reading this hopefully you will be able to amuse your friends with your "talented" horse.