How to Teach a 2-Year-Old the Countries on a Map?

Answer So you want to teach your 2-year-old the countries on a map? Good for you! Do not underestimate the learning ability of a toddler. Although he might have a short attention span, a child of two year... Read More »

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Games That Teach You Countries of the World?

Geographic knowledge is important for helping children develop a global perspective on topics such as business, resource development and use, and science and technology. Learning geography can also... Read More »

Need ideas for teaching 4 year olds about countries?

Reading activity: there are plenty of pre school books about countries: My Very First Little Book of Other CountriesArt activity: get them paints or crayons and assigned each group with one contine... Read More »

Can a 14 year old teach a 3 year old for payment?

Yes, but only if she/he is well educated! Three year olds are too young for formal "teaching" but they are ready to learn their colors, they may be ready to learn letter and number recognition but... Read More »

Is it illegal to fight for other countries at war this is about private citizens of one country getting involved for no fee to assist the fighting efforts of other countries at a state of civil war?