How to Teach a 10th Grader Poetry?

Answer Teaching poetry reading and explicating to a 10th-grader can be an interesting task. While poems have many components and are of different types, some basic appreciation and analysis of a poem can ... Read More »

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How to Teach Poetry to a First Grader or Younger?

Don't expect it to be Shakespeare.  Here is an example written by a first grader.  "My mom called me to bed but I said, “It’s too dangerous. I said. But, “It’s nighttime with a warm night... Read More »

How to Start Homeschooling a 10th Grader?

There are many reasons you may consider pulling your child out of school after the first year of high school. You may find the social pressures or school violence too stressful. The academics may b... Read More »

How to Teach 10th Grade Math?

Mathematics continues to be among the most difficult subjects in school for many students. In the 10th grade, students learn many new concepts and take numerous concepts they already have mastered ... Read More »

How to Teach Poetry to Adults?

Unfortunately, poetry sometimes can petrify. A reputation for ambiguity and pretension has hindered the art form; students, especially adults, can greet a haiku or sonnet with apprehension. But poe... Read More »