How to Teach Yourself to Write English?

Answer Whether you are a lifelong American citizen or someone who just settled in the United States, learning to write and speak English is important. You will need this skill to succeed in school, in the... Read More »

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How to Write Great Web Content in English (when English Isn't Your First Language)?

Lots of web writers write content in English even though English obviously isn't their native language. Here's how to turn that negative into a positive.

How to Teach Your Dog English?

Although dogs bark in the same language, teaching them to understand the language of your verbal commands is essential to developing a relationship with your pet. If, for instance, you are an Engli... Read More »

How to Teach English 201?

English 201 is a college course designed to reinforce materials taught in its first-year predecessor, English 101. (See Reference 1.) Unlike English 101, English 201 focuses on understanding liter... Read More »