How to Teach Your 2-Year-Old at Home?

Answer Whether your child experiences the terrible twos or the terrific twos, raising a 2-year-old is undoubtedly an extraordinary task full of struggles, joys, benefits, pains and questions. Most 2-year-... Read More »

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Is a relative obligated to make a 17-year old return home after they left home and the parent sent their clothes and belongings to the relative's home?

Answer Not if the parents of the minor have given she or he permission to live in your residence.You should be aware that allowing the minor to reside in your home makes you legally responsible fo... Read More »

Can a 14 year old teach a 3 year old for payment?

Yes, but only if she/he is well educated! Three year olds are too young for formal "teaching" but they are ready to learn their colors, they may be ready to learn letter and number recognition but... Read More »

Can you stop your 17-year-old child from moving out of your home in Georgia to a non-relative's home in Florida?

Answer Of course you can!!!.....until the child is 18......

Does the stepmother have any control over decisions made in the home such as the 17-year-old child not coming home and rebelling?

AnswerAs a wife or live in partner you should have some input over the things that happen in your home. You and your spouse need to have a serious talk about decisions that are made in the home. Yo... Read More »