How to Teach Young Readers to Visualize?

Answer Young readers are not fluent readers and may be slowed down by concentrating on decoding the words. They need to be trained to form pictures in their minds of what they are reading. The American Ac... Read More »

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What can Johnny Cade teach readers?

Johnny can teach others that growing up in a harsh world, and living a tough life doesn't mean you can't be sensitive, and retain your innocence. You can still find something that's good in the wor... Read More »

Strategies for Readers & Non-Readers in the Classroom?

Reading is an integral part of the classroom experience, and many students must complete hours of reading and write papers designed to demonstrate their understanding. All this reading can tax even... Read More »

How do I teach my son to read, at a very young age?

You may want to re-think this goal. Reading to your child daily is very important, and I applaud you for starting early. Keep it up! But teaching him to read fluently by age 4 is a pointless goa... Read More »

How to Teach Young Kid About Murals?

Murals, or large scale art works, impart important cultural and community values to the viewer. Often painted on public spaces, such as a wall or outside structure of a public building, educators c... Read More »