How to Teach With a Master's of Art in Religion?

Answer It can be difficult to translate a master's degree in religion to a teaching job. This is because religion is not a core academic subject and because no state offers certification specifically for ... Read More »

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Is it right to teach religion in schools?

On One Hand: Religion Should Be Taught in SchoolReligion is an important part of society, and it's possible to learn a large amount about a culture from its religion. Greek myths show a lot about G... Read More »

How to Teach Yourself the Philosophy of Religion?

Philosophy of religion examines the possible existence of God and speculates on His role and influence in the universe. Philosophers of religion can be religious believers, agnostics or atheists, s... Read More »

What Does the Roman Catholic Religion Teach?

The Roman Catholic Church is one of the oldest Christian denominations in existence, with more than one billion members worldwide. Its teachings emphasize the gospel and New Testament, the "Catechi... Read More »

How to Teach Morals & Religion in Public Schools?

The type and amount of religious discussion that takes place in a public school setting is a very touchy subject in most places. Prayer and religious activities have been taken out of the public sc... Read More »