How to Teach Weather in Preschool?

Answer Preschool children love to learn, and learn best when topics are related to day-to-day life. This makes weather an excellent topic to discuss with preschoolers, as many aspects of weather affect th... Read More »

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Preschool Books About Weather?

Weather is an easily observable phenomenon, making it an ideal topic of study for any preschool class. Teaching simple weather concepts helps developing learners to be more observant of their surro... Read More »

Art Activity for Preschool on Weather?

Preschool-age children enjoy learning through action. Combining art activities with learning is an ideal way to introduce complex terms, such as weather conditions, to children at this age. Let the... Read More »

Preschool Activities for the Weather in September?

Rustling leaves, cool winds, frost on the grass, colors everywhere--these are the fall experiences that excite young children. Preschool children can gain understanding of fall weather by how the w... Read More »

Sunny Weather Games for Preschool?

Trying to keep preschoolers inside on a sunny day can be torture for you and them, so take them outside for some games. They'll run around and work off some energy. Bring plenty of water and cups o... Read More »