How to Teach Venn Diagrams in 2nd Grade Math?

Answer Venn diagrams are graphic organizers that can help students learn how to classify items according to type. These diagrams use circles to show how two or more subjects are alike and different. You c... Read More »

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How to Use Venn Diagrams for Comparing and Contrasting?

A Venn Diagram allows you to compare and contrast two or more subjects or objects visually. The diagram consists of circles equal to the number of subjects or objects. These circles overlap a littl... Read More »

How to Use Venn Diagrams to Find the Missing Sets?

Venn diagrams were created by John Venn to allow people to see relationships between different objects within two circles. In a Venn diagram, two circles are overlapped, typically within a rectangl... Read More »

How to Teach Math to Grade One?

Help first-graders tap into the analytical and logical portion of their mind with activities to teach beginner math. Use color, light, sound and group interaction to help children learn and memoriz... Read More »

How to Teach 4th Grade Math?

The key to success as a teacher of any grade or subject is making sure your students can relate to the material. This can prove more difficult in subjects like math, but it is not impossible. For e... Read More »