How to Teach Symmetry to First Graders?

Answer Symmetry refers to when one side of an object is a mirror image of the other. Symmetry occurs naturally in many instances. For example, a butterfly is symmetric because the sides are mirror images ... Read More »

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How to Teach Art to First Graders?

Art is essential to developing young minds. Teaching art to first graders, from paintings to pottery to origami, is an ideal way to bring creativity, ideas and ingenuity into the classroom. When te... Read More »

How to Teach Syllables to First Graders?

During elementary years, students learn basic methods of categorizing words. One of the most common word categorization methods is syllable counting. A syllable is a word part that contains one vow... Read More »

How do I teach first graders to plant a seed?

PlantingFill a clear plastic cup more than half-way up with soil. Poke several holes into the soil with your finger or a pencil; space the holes near the wall of the cup to better see the root syst... Read More »

How to Teach Moon Phases to First Graders?

As the Moon orbits the Earth, the amount of the Moon that is illuminated by the Sun changes. From Earth, we can only see the part of the Moon that is lit up by the Sun. The Moon completes a full or... Read More »