How to Teach Summary Writing to Children?

Answer The skill of summary writing, or "precis," has numerous real-world applications. College students are routinely required to summarise large reading assignments, and professionals in all fields rely... Read More »

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How to Use Children's Books to Teach Writing?

Children who are learning how to write can benefit from reading books as an example. Children can not only learn story elements or point of view in a written work, but also sentence construction an... Read More »

How to Teach Composition Writing to Children?

To successfully compose written works, children must engage in complex thought processes and utilize critical thinking skills. Because this task requires much abstract thinking, teaching compositio... Read More »

How to Teach Writing to Autistic Children?

Teaching autistic children to write requires some patience and some extra support. The method of teaching, for the most part, is the same as teaching typically- developing children to write, but yo... Read More »

How to Teach Poetry Writing to Young Children?

Poetry has existed since before recorded history. Originally rhythm and rhyme in poetry helped people to memorize it before they could write poems down. (see reference 1) Poetry is a wonderful way ... Read More »