How to Teach Subtraction to a Second Grader?

Answer Although subtraction is an important math foundation for the later grades, it can be frustrating for many second graders. Automatic recall of facts is extremely important but should be developed on... Read More »

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How to Teach a Second Grader Words That Have Two or More Meanings?

Vocabulary words often have more than one meaning. For example, the word "ring" can mean the ring of a phone or the ring worn on a finger. In second grade, students learn that some words have multi... Read More »

Methods for Second Grade Subtraction in Math?

Methods for second grade subtraction are the subtraction concepts you will cover over a period of nine months. They can be based on the state standards. Each state has a set of math standards for e... Read More »

How to Teach Subtraction?

The concept of subtraction begins at a very early age. Most young children form the thought process needed to complete subtraction before they ever enter school. Subtraction begins as children shar... Read More »

Fun Way to Teach Subtraction?

Subtraction lessons do not have to be limited to pencil and paper activities. There are many ways to teach students the concept of subtraction using manipulatives, games or even songs. One of the m... Read More »