How to Teach Students to Not Lean Back in Their Chairs?

Answer Teachers know well how difficult it can be to maintain even the most basic, common-sense rules in a classroom. Kids, with their overwhelming sense of confidence--"it will never happen to me!"--simp... Read More »

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What are fan back arm chairs?

Fan back arm chairs will have a back that is made up of vertical rods, flat thin boards or other single apparatuses. The bottom spindles are fastened to the back part of the seat while the top is f... Read More »

How to Lean Far Back?

Leaning far back is a beneficial skill whether you are participating in gymnastics, dancing, or just playing a game of Twister. Leaning far back is a skill that requires training and constant stret... Read More »

My office chair wont lean back?

If there is an height adjustment handle, then pull it out away from the center post a little bit. On most chairs this handle will lock the chair from leaning back when it is pushed in.Hope this he... Read More »

Ideas for Redoing Wooden Back Slat Chairs?

Wooden slats are common to many styles of wooden chairs. When redoing them, you have an opportunity to change the look of the piece completely, or just change the color or spruce up the finish. Big... Read More »