How to Teach Students About Communism?

Answer It can be quite difficult for many adults to imagine that, for young people, communism is mainly a historical concept. That is because, for older people, it was such a major force in the recent pas... Read More »

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How to Teach Students With Depression?

Students who have depression may have trouble participating in class, completing assignments and even coming to school on time. The teacher may have to spend extra time working with this student or... Read More »

How to Teach Multicultural Students?

Multicultural classrooms demand different teaching strategies for student success. Researchers studying the AIMHI Project, a study of Maori and Pacific Island students, observed effective teaching ... Read More »

How to Teach Biodegradable to Students?

The process of biodegradation is simple to demonstrate in the classroom, and students will enjoy the hands-on nature of this experiment. Understanding decomposition and the difference between biode... Read More »

How to Teach "Do & Does" & "Have & Has" to TESOL Students?

Learning verbs in English can be difficult at times, particularly with irregular verbs such as "to be." However, in the case of "to do" and "to have," there is only one variation on the regular con... Read More »