How to Teach Special Needs Students the Alphabet?

Answer Knowing the alphabet is a prerequisite skill for all future literacy instruction. Typically, developing children learn it through music, television and games aimed at preschoolers, as well as repet... Read More »

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How to Teach Students the Alphabet?

Learning the English alphabet, which consists of 26 letters and a number of associated sounds, is a fundamental part of learning how to read and learning how to function in society. Therefore, the ... Read More »

How to Teach the Alphabet Letters Sounds to ESL Students?

Letter sounds -- also known as phonics -- are an extremely important part of ESL learning. This is because they are the "bridge" between spoken and written English. Speaking is a matter of understa... Read More »

How to Teach Math to Students With Special Needs?

Students may struggle with learning math for many different reasons. Some students find it difficult to grasp the basic facts and concepts. Yet, in order to function fully in the world, it is vital... Read More »

Ways to Teach Math to Special Needs Students?

Students with special needs show strengths and weaknesses in different areas of math. However, a difficulty commonly faced occurs when students are asked to abstract a principle from one situation ... Read More »