How to Teach Singular & Plural Pronouns?

Answer Pronouns are words that are used in place of a noun but which but refer to the noun. For example, "he," "she," or "they" are pronouns; words that ask information about a noun, such as "who" and "w... Read More »

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Is none singular or plural?

None can be singular or plural, depending on how it's used. The word is defined as "not one" or "not any." According to the Random House Dictionary, examples of singular and plural usages date back... Read More »

Is media singular or plural?

Media is the plural form of the word medium. According to, the media are "means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers and magazines, that reach or influe... Read More »

Does"or"take a singular or plural verb?

Whether the article "or" takes a singular or plural verb depends not on the word "or" itself but on the objects it distinguishes.Example One: "Or" with a singular verb, present tenseIn the followin... Read More »

Is militia singular or plural?

The word "militia" is singular and denotes one group of citizens or armed forces. "Militias" is the standard word used to describe more than one militia or group. The word comes from the Latin suff... Read More »