How to Teach Salmon Species to Kids?

Answer When teaching about salmon species you will first want to decide whether you are going to cover the six species of Pacific Salmon or if you will also incorporate the additional two species of Atlan... Read More »

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How many species of salmon are there?

There are six major types of salmon, and most have two names. They are the Chinook, or king; the silver, or coho; the chum, or dog; the pink, or humpy; the sockeye, or red; and the steelhead.Source... Read More »

Which Pacific salmon are on the endangered species list?

Chinook salmon were originally classified as a threatened species, but were later reclassified as an endangered species in 1994. This endangered species is a winter-run fish that originates in the ... Read More »

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Is fresh farmed salmon the same as wild salmon?

Farm-fresh salmon is not the same as wild salmon. Farmed salmon makes up the majority of salmon on the market. Wild salmon is healthier to consume and carries less disease than fresh farmed salmon ... Read More »