How to Teach Rhyming in Kindergarten?

Answer Rhyming is an important early reading skill. When Kindergarten students can hear the rhyming sounds in words and produce rhyming words, they demonstrate phonemic awareness, which is essential for r... Read More »

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Kindergarten Rhyming Games?

Rhyming activities help kindergarten students hear the similarities in how words sound. However, identifying rhyming words is sometimes challenging for young children, who have trouble focusing on... Read More »

Rhyming Word Games for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten children love to play games and hear nursery tales. The appeal of the nursery tale is the rhythm of the rhyming words. To teach kindergarten children why a song or rhyme has rhythm, fi... Read More »

Kindergarten Activities on Rhyming Words?

Instructing kindergarten students in rhyming words is not only enjoyable for the students, it also sets a firm foundation for more advanced concepts in reading comprehension. Using activities is an... Read More »

Rhyming Activities & Games for Kindergarten?

Rhyming games and activities help kindergarten students connect reading and word-association skills. In the kindergarten classroom, a lot of time is devoted to teaching, practicing and playing game... Read More »