How to Teach Rhymes?

Answer Rhymes are groups of words that have a repetition of similar sounds; the ending of these words sound the same. In literacy instruction, rhymes are an important part of phonemic awareness. When begi... Read More »

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How to Teach Rhymes in Middle School?

Most middle school students have a basic understanding of rhyme, but they may not be aware of the structure of rhyme schemes or less obvious types of rhyme, such as slant rhymes. Understanding the ... Read More »

How to Teach Writing Letters and Rhymes?

Teaching elementary-school basic reading and writing is only the beginning. Two useful ways of moving on to more sophisticated literacy skills are teaching students how to rhyme and how to structur... Read More »

What rhymes with first aid?

Raid, fade, maid, made, laid, paid, hade, glade. Here are some words that don't rhyme but have the same long "a" and are one syllable: safe, day, bay, lay, may, ray, pay, hey, hay, sane, tame, came... Read More »

What rhymes with mean?

1 syllable: bean, beane, beene, bein, beine, biehn, bien, blouin, brean, breen, cheane, cian, clean, crean, dean, deane, deen, drouin, fiene, frean, freen, gean, gene, gheen, glean, gouin, green, ... Read More »