How to Teach Points on a Compass?

Answer A compass is a circular instrument that directs people according to four points: North, East, South and West. There are varying degrees between these four main points known as inter-cardinal and se... Read More »

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How to Locate the Sun's Compass Points for Photography?

If you know exactly where the sun will rise and set, you can photograph nature scenes with the lighting you want. A compass is used as a reference device in determining where the sun will rise and ... Read More »

How to Teach the Compass to Pre-K?

Reading the compass to determine the cardinal directions (North, South, East, West) seems an easy task for adults or children of some age. However, Pre-K kids can find it difficult to understand ho... Read More »

How to Teach Scouts to Read a Compass?

A compass is an ancient device that is still used today to help people find their way. The needle or "pointer" on a compass always points at the magnetic north pole of the Earth's magnetic field. A... Read More »

Why gyro compass is used in ships instead of magnetic compass?

Because a ship is made of metal, which can affect the accuracy of a standard magnetic compass. Also, a gyrocompass is is better able to point to the true north, which is more accurate to navigation... Read More »