How to Teach Poetry to Adults?

Answer Unfortunately, poetry sometimes can petrify. A reputation for ambiguity and pretension has hindered the art form; students, especially adults, can greet a haiku or sonnet with apprehension. But poe... Read More »

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How to Teach Romantic Poetry?

The Romantic Period was an artistic movement in 18th century England. Romantic poets held to the philosophy of individualism and believed in cultivating a reverence for nature. The Romantics believ... Read More »

How to Teach Spanish Poetry?

Making poetry accessible and interesting for students can be a challenge for educators at all levels, especially if the poetry is written in a student's non-native language. Despite linguistic barr... Read More »

How to Teach Imagery in Poetry?

Ever wonder how famous Poets used imagery in their poems? Read on.

How to Teach Poetry Frames to Kids?

Doing poetry with children and then putting it into a frame is a great way to both teach children to use their creative imaginations and give them a keepsake to bring home to their parents. When te... Read More »