How to Teach Perimeters & Areas of Kites?

Answer A kite is a quadrilateral with two sets of congruent adjacent sides. The shape is similar to a diamond but elongated at one end as if someone were to hold a diamond's corner and stretch it away fro... Read More »

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How to Find Polynomials for Perimeters & Areas?

Word problems commonly call for students to find the area or perimeter of a specific shape. It provides specific numerical values for lengths and widths. A polynomial formula takes those values and... Read More »

How to Teach About Kites to Preschool?

Kites have been used for centuries as toys and as parts of celebrations and scientific experiments. Kids naturally love kites, so take advantage of this interest by having a "Kite Day." A few simpl... Read More »

How to Use Poems to Teach Figures Of Speech & Other Areas of the Language Arts?

Figures of speech are used in poetry in order to emphasize a statement, or to give the reader a comparison to visualize. Metaphors compare two things that are not alike. Similes compare two or more... Read More »

Are there more teenage pregnancies in rural areas or metropolitan areas?

Answer Yes and no. It kind of depends on the age of the kids in the area around you. I think. In my personal opinion, I'd think more pregnancies would happen in rural areas, because the only thing ... Read More »