How to Teach Patents?

Answer A patent gives an inventor the exclusive right to produce or license an invention for a specified period of time. The Constitution authorizes the U.S. Congress to write patent laws spelling out the... Read More »

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Who has 3,000 patents in his name?

Japanese inventor Dr. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, known as "NakaMats," has over 3,000 patents in his name. NakaMats holds patents for inventions as varied as a primitive floppy disk, the CD, a spring-loade... Read More »

What is the patents law of the u.k.?

The patents law of the U.K. is governed by the U.K. Government's Intellectual Properties Office (IPO). The patent law is designed to protect inventions from being exploited or copied by anybody oth... Read More »

Patents Act of 2004?

The Patents Act 1977 was an attempt by the United Kingdom to bring its patent laws into alignment with the policies and regulations of the European Patent Convention (EPC) of 1973. Changes to the E... Read More »

Why do we have copyrights&patents?

Copyright and patent law are part of intellectual property law. They protect such creators as inventors, writers and artists from having their intellectual property stolen or used by others without... Read More »