How to Teach Observation Skills & Problem Solving?

Answer Strong observation skills and problem solving are the keys to critical thinking necessary for academic success. According to a research paper by Cagla Gur published in the "International Journal of... Read More »

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How to Teach Your Child Problem Solving Skills?

Looking to help your child develop life skills? Wonder why your child still doesn't know how to behave when they meet obstacles? And you can't fathom what difference school makes in helping them re... Read More »

How to Teach Problem Solving Skills to the Cognitively Disabled?

One of the hallmarks of people with a cognitive disability is their overall inability to adapt to new situations, or problem solve, naturally on their own. Problem-solving skills must be taught in ... Read More »

How to Apply Problem Solving Skills?

Problem-solving involves using critical thinking skills to analyze a problem, discover the best way to solve it, implement the solution and make sure the situation is resolved. These skills can be ... Read More »

Problem Solving Skills in Teaching?

As a teacher, it is important to teach specific life skills, such as problem solving, that can be applied to a variety of academic disciplines. Even within the problem-solving skill-set, there are ... Read More »