How to Teach Numbers That Add to Make 10?

Answer Basic addition is a skill that most children naturally start figuring out as early as kindergarten. Many children begin adding by counting on their fingers. Although this method works at first, you... Read More »

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What is the best way to teach you child ABC's & numbers?

Yes, at around 3.5 they really seem to start grasping some of these concepts. The children that have the easiest time learning them are those that have parents/caregivers that start at infancy tho... Read More »

How do i teach numbers to preschoolers?

Learning numbers involves a long process of learning to count and to identify written numbers. When you teach numbers to preschoolers, you have to give them time to get through all of the numbers i... Read More »

Games to Teach Numbers?

Numbers are some of the most important symbols that we encounter on a daily basis. Phone, price tags, clocks and signs are just a few of the locations where numbers can be found. Because numbers ar... Read More »

How to Teach the Place Value of Numbers?

Children are usually introduced to the concept of place value in first grade. It can be a difficult concept to grasp, requiring repeated activities and discussions throughout the school year. To un... Read More »