How to Teach Moral Values in the Classroom?

Answer Moral values refer to the acceptable conduct of rational people evaluated by other rational people. In education, moral conduct is closely aligned with ethics and ethical codes that outline how tea... Read More »

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How to Incorporate Values & Moral Development Education in Your Classroom?

No standard statewide assessment measures ethics and good behavior. Nonetheless, teachers across the country are finding ways to encourage their students to be honorable people. According to the P... Read More »

Do TV shows affect a person's moral values?

On One Hand: Changes in Attitudes and BehaviorMoral values, commonly accepted beliefs of right and wrong, are reflected in a person's actions. The American Academy of Pediatrics notes repeated view... Read More »

Rock & Roll and Moral Values in the 1950s?

In the 1950s rock and roll music defied conservative values, with young people quickly embracing the new lifestyle. Teenagers rebelled against their parents' conformist morals. Concerns over race h... Read More »

The Importance of Introducing Moral Values in Schools?

Teachers throughout the United States are incorporating character education and moral development activities in the classroom. Aside from solely discussing the importance of making morally sound de... Read More »