How to Teach Metacognition?

Answer While thinking is something that humans do naturally and without conscious thought, benefits can arise for dedicating some time to thinking about the way in which you think. This process, referred ... Read More »

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Who is the father of metacognition?

Metacognition, or how we think about and control our thinking processes, is a theory developed by John Hurley Flavell, a social cognitive developmental psychologist born in 1928. Flavell began rese... Read More »

How to Understand Your Own Thoughts (Metacognition)?

Metacognition is the process by witch one thinks about their own thought, in order to better one's self. The amount of metacognition a person does greatly reflects on their personality. It affects ... Read More »

How to Put Metacognition in Process for Teachers?

Teaching someone a skill is not the same as helping motivate them to use it. Metacognition is a process of varying approaches using different learning styles to enable the teacher to teach better. ... Read More »

How to Increase Metacognition in the Classroom?

While humans have been communicating orally since our ancient ancestors uttered their first words, we have been using written communication for only several hundred years. Children naturally develo... Read More »