How to Teach Measurement to Second Grade Students?

Answer Measurement is an important mathematical concept for children to learn. By second grade, students should already have some familiarity with the concept of measurement and with non-standard forms of... Read More »

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How to Teach Vocabulary to Second-Grade Students?

The world is directed and influenced by vocabulary. Vocabulary has the ability to enhance a student's learning experience in the areas of comprehension and language development. Second-graders bui... Read More »

How to Teach Volume to Students in the Second Grade?

When introducing the mathematical concept of volume to elementary students, keep it simple in the beginning. By concentrating on only a few units of measurement, students should be able to understa... Read More »

Ideas for Teaching Measurement in Second Grade?

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) lists two primary objectives for measurement for kindergarten through twelfth grade: students will comprehend the measurable characteristics o... Read More »

Valentine's Day Art Activities for Second Grade Students?

Second grade students are learning an ever-growing number of facts as well as advancing their abilities in mathematics, literacy and other disciplines. Teachers and parents can help children foster... Read More »