How to Teach Math Concepts With Dominoes?

Answer Manipulative material or concrete items that can be touched and moved around by the student aids in understanding math concepts. Using appropriately selected materials piques the students' interest... Read More »

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How to Teach Math With Dominoes?

Dominoes are a useful math manipulative for young children. It's easy to teach children about numbers and even do basic arithmetic when using dominoes. Getting away from boring worksheets and textb... Read More »

How to Teach Math Concepts Using a Yardstick?

Real world examples of math can help get kids interested in what is sometimes considered a "boring" topic. A tangible and common item such as a yardstick brings what might be an abstract concept in... Read More »

Montessori Materials That Teach Math Concepts?

Montessori materials are based on the Italian physician Maria Montessori's analysis on how children educate themselves from what they find in their environment. From the time she reached this concl... Read More »

How to Explain Math Concepts With Drawings or Cartoons?

As a math educator or a general education teacher, you may at some point in your career have to use drawings and cartoons to further explain concepts to your students. Sometimes, you may also want ... Read More »