How to Teach Little Girls to Care for Long Hair?

Answer Many little girls love having long hair but hate the care that comes along with it. Many parents find themselves in a position of having to cut the child's hair to a short length due to the endless... Read More »

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How to Teach Hair Care to Children?

Proper hair care is a must-have lesson for all children. Start teaching them proper hair care when they begin doing things for themselves; for most kids, this is around age 4 or 5. Don't assume the... Read More »

Hair Care for Girls?

When it comes to hair care, many of the tips are the same for boys, girls, women and men of all ages. But hair care for girls and young teens is a little more challenging because girls will often b... Read More »

How to Take Care of Black Girls' Hair?

Ever wanted thick lush hair that you had when you were younger. The reason why your hair was so lush and thick as a child is because you weren't breaking the "Black Hair Rules"! Well you can have b... Read More »

Do girls prefer men to have long hair, short hair or no hair?

I don't really care, but since you're asking I kind of always like thinks inbetween. So I would say inbetween short and long hair. ^_^