How to Teach Left-Handed Kids to Write In Cursive?

Answer Left-handed students have special needs and challenges when it comes to learning how to write. For these students, taking a few steps to help them avoid bad habits can have long-lasting benefits. J... Read More »

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How to Teach Cursive Handwriting to Left Handed Kids?

Teaching left-handed children cursive is not more difficult than teaching right-handed children, it's just a different process. It can be difficult for a left-handed child to visualize what she is ... Read More »

How to Teach Left-handed Kids to Tie Shoes?

Kids don't necessarily display a preference for using either hand right away. Toddlers often use either hand for certain tasks. However, according to International Children's Education, "A favored ... Read More »

How to Tell if a Pair of Scissors for Kids Are Left Handed or Right Handed?

As a child grows older, he is expected to master more milestones, such as tying his shoes or cutting along a line. While these skills may seem minor, they are indicators of where a child is in his... Read More »

How to Teach Left-Handed Writing?

Teaching a child to write with his left hand is strikingly different from teaching him how to write right-handed. English is a difficult language to write left-handed, since the individual must wri... Read More »