How to Teach Left-Handed Kids to Write In Cursive?

Answer Left-handed students have special needs and challenges when it comes to learning how to write. For these students, taking a few steps to help them avoid bad habits can have long-lasting benefits. J... Read More »

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How to Teach Cursive Handwriting to Left Handed Kids?

Teaching left-handed children cursive is not more difficult than teaching right-handed children, it's just a different process. It can be difficult for a left-handed child to visualize what she is ... Read More »

How to Teach Left-handed Kids to Tie Shoes?

Kids don't necessarily display a preference for using either hand right away. Toddlers often use either hand for certain tasks. However, according to International Children's Education, "A favored ... Read More »

How to Tell if a Pair of Scissors for Kids Are Left Handed or Right Handed?

As a child grows older, he is expected to master more milestones, such as tying his shoes or cutting along a line. While these skills may seem minor, they are indicators of where a child is in his... Read More »

Worksheets That Teach You to Write in Cursive?

Writing is one of skills that separates man from animal. Throughout history, writing has evolved from picture art or symbols carved into rock or clay tablets to what it is today. Cursive is a form ... Read More »