How to Teach Kindness in Preschool?

Answer Kindness is a virtue widely valued in all societies. While parents should do their best to model kindness at home, there are plenty of opportunities for children to learn about kind behavior outsid... Read More »

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How to Teach Preschool Science?

Preschool children are naturally curious and ask questions about things they see around them. Use the opportunity to teach them a few simple science concepts. Using colors, plants and insects, intr... Read More »

How to Teach Preschool About Seasons?

Preschool children are aware of the changing seasons and are curious about what causes the changes and what makes each season different. Build on this curiosity to encourage learning about what dis... Read More »

How to Teach Preschool Grammar?

Between the ages of 2 and 4, children pick up vocabulary and sentence construction skills by listening to people speak. They do not, however, have a clear idea of the correct usage of words. The be... Read More »

How to Teach the Letter J in Preschool?

Since adults have long ago memorized the alphabet, it's easy to forget how challenging it can be to learn new letters. To a preschooler, the letter J may look like an I or a U and sound like a G. I... Read More »