How to Teach Kids to Write Their Names Using Formal Terminology?

Answer Children are accustomed to using their common names or nicknames when writing their names on school papers. Often, children under a certain age do not even write their last names on school document... Read More »

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How to Teach Kids How to Write Their Names on the Computer?

If you teach preschool, you may want all of your students to learn how to write their name. Some of preschool kids do not have the fine motor skills necessary for that task. An alternative is to te... Read More »

My husband the step father of 2 of my children want to adopt them their real father does ring every now and then can the kids have two fathers and hyphen their last names?

I don't see why not. When two people marry, the women sometimes wants to keep her maiden name but also take his name, so she takes both last names and hyphens them. Or I have even seen a single mom... Read More »

How to Teach Kids to Wash Their Hands?

It may seem common sense to a grown up or older child but little kids don't know that washing their hands is very important to prevent the spread of germs. Their naïveté doesn't allow them to rea... Read More »

How to Teach Your Kids to Tie Their Shoes?

How to teach your kids to tie their shoes.