How to Teach Kids in Virginia About Gardening With Native Plants?

Answer Native plants are defined as any plant species that existed in a particular habitat before Europeans came to the United States. Since then, many ornamental and food plants have been introduced to t... Read More »

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What does gardening teach you?

(not exactly answering your question...) I went to a museum yesterday, with an inside and outside division. though the art inside was pretty amazing, I found myself stuck outside watching a bee app... Read More »

What does gardening teach you about yourself?

During the season it is one of my forms of meditation ~ It forces me to be fully present ~ you don't want to be pulling weeds if you are thinking about anything else, you are assured to pull out go... Read More »

Virginia Native American Language Groups?

Native American tribes throughout North America spoke hundreds of languages from several different language families. Linguists categorize language families based on similarities in pronunciation a... Read More »

Locations of Native Indian Tribes in Virginia in 1607?

The first inhabitants of Virginia were a relatively homogeneous society before 500 B.C., organized into hundreds of large villages around the territory. Through the Middle to Late Woodland Period ... Read More »